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Live in Cyprus - Broadcast in Russian!

RussianTv.WORLD is a new product of Media Magnat Holdings.

This is the first Russian-language TV channel made in Cyprus with round-the-clock broadcasting.
You can watch our channel here on the RussianTv.World web site, with the option of adding RTvW to a personal IPTV-box, so you can watch it on your TV. Every day we offer information and entertainment programs, talk-shows, breaking news, reviews of the most interesting events in Cyprus, as well as programs about restaurants, hotels, and fabulous villages.


We invite our viewers to become part of the RussianTv.World family. The TV channel sets all kinds of flash mobs in social media, online marathons, prize draws, as well as the offline thematic events.
All broadcasts are accompanied by informative comments from our entertaining hosts! Viewers can participate and prepare questions to the presenter and express their own opinion.


If you have interesting ideas or news that you would like to share with us, then please mail us at info@russiantv.world. We will be happy to discuss your suggestions.

The first Russian-language TV channel in Cyprus (web-channel) RussianTv.World is owned by Media Magnat Holdings.

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Вкус Кипра
The taste of Cyprus
This is a juicy and positive culinary show. The hosts will willingly tell you a lot of interesting facts about the traditional Cypriot cuisine. Also, they will share with you some secrets of local dishes cooking.
Morning on the Island
Good morning, Cyprus! Let's meet the new day together. Put on your charmest smile and get ready to charge with the wave of energy, news, and amazing facts!
Новости Кипра
Cyprus News
Every day we check facts, weed out panic and rumors, leave emotional sensations out of the way, and bring you truthful and exciting news on Cyprus. Stay tuned!
Кружка кофе на Кипре
Cup of coffee
Successful, inaccessible, and amazingly interesting... These guests pick a time to have a cup of coffee in our studio only because they are invited by the most famous media person in Cyprus, editor-in-chief, and producer Tatyana Magnitskaya.
Sport Time на Кипре
Sport Time
Your body will be grateful! Fitness at home is no longer a boring activity! Now, it's an exciting event with an energetic host Viktoria Pie and the best coaches of Cyprus.
Светский Выход Кипр
High Life
Put on the best dress and makeup! The High Life of Cyprus begins with us! This program is about the brightest and most interesting events of the island.
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